Equilibrate-Nutrition for the Balanced Horse was established in 2001 by Michaela Bowles BSc (Hons) PGCE, RNutr (UK). manufacture equine (and canine) nutritional supplements according to the most up to date research recommendations including the use of phytogenics, that increase digestion, improve feed conversion, boost immunity and improve overall health. Pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients are used and incorporate food source and amino acid linked minerals, vitamins, nutraceuticals,

Cold Pressed Neem Oil 100ML

Cold Pressed Organic Neem oil 100% 1 Liter

Eezi Neem leave Powder 1KG
Neem leave powder 1KG...

Eezi Neem leaf powder 250gram
Neem leaf Powder 250 g ...

Black salt fine
Black Salt Fine 1kg...

We’re driven by:



We believe that if you aren’t passionate about what you do, the results will never be exceptional. Our lives revolve around horses and the EeziDesigns grooming line is the product of our passion. We are developing truly effective equine grooming products that will make any horse look beautiful without compromising his health, your health or the health of our planet.


We are 100% committed to what we do. We promise that your EeziDesigns Experience will be enjoyable for both your horse and you. We’re here to make the lives of your horses a little better, a little less toxic, and to make a safer environment for all of us.

Product Quality & Performance

We believe in grooming products that deliver show-stopping results. 

Customer Satisfaction

From customer service to product performance, we`re here to make your life and your horse’s life happier, healthier and greener. If you’re not satisfied with our product or service for any reason, please let us know and we fix it.

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